Flavor of the Caribbean in Es Vicari

Last Friday, 16 July, Es Vicari, our cocktail bar in Sa Creu Nova, hosted an event with rum as the main protagonist in collaboration with the prestigious brand Plantation Rum.

José Cortés, our bartender, and Alberto Franco, ambassador of the OTC Group, attended the event with a mission: to bundle the flavours of the Caribbean into each cocktail, and they succeeded with flying colours!

They surprised attendees with three signature cocktails and the reinvention of a classic: a Spicy Daiquiri with spicy notes, a sparkling Muy Tiki and a Moungo with Falernum syrup accompanied their version of the classic Cuba Libre, with the special feature of adding airy lemongrass foam, an innovative touch for a world-famous cocktail.

Tastes, aromas and colours of the Caribbean filled Sa Creu Nova on this delightful evening that transported all those lucky enough to try the cocktails to the small Caribbean islands.


Soy residente